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General Pricing

Depending on how large or ornate each cake is, they will vary slightly in price. Below are some general numbers for estimation/budgeting purposes:

Price Per-Serving:

$2.25/ avg (Basic buttercream)
$2.50/avg (Buttercream/basic design with fondant accents)
$3.00/avg (Fondant/ornate design)

*Please note: there is a $50 minimum per order.

Cakes take a lot of time and effort (even if you only want one that serves only a few people). I spend an average of 6-8 hrs on every cake.

Prices include delivery within a 20 mile radius (Greater Lowell area).

Optional Extras:

* Gumpaste Flowers
* Gumpaste Decorations
* Royal Icing
* Fondant

Vegan cakes also available upon request.

All non-vegan cakes use cage-free, "vegetarian-fed" eggs.

Please feel free to use the form located on the left to request a cake, or email me with any questions or for a formal quote.



Sunday, October 31, 2010

Serving Info

Looking for some information about serving sizes to estimate the cost and dimensions of your cake?

Please see the graphics below for some general guidelines (click the images for a larger view and for further details)

- DB

Round Cake Servings:                                                        Square / Rectangle Cake Servings: